“It’s so uncomfortable to watch the show”… Kim Jong-kook, who is obsessed with his “Captain Kook” image, is drawing negative responses from the viewers

Many TV viewers recently complained about Kim Jong-kook’s performance on entertainment shows.

Kim Jong-kook, who is well-known in the entertainment industry with his “Sparta” concept, has already swept the weekend entertainment show on terrestrial channels as a veteran entertainer. The reason is that he appears on three shows in a row only on Sunday. Kim Jong-kook is a singer but he has already established himself as a professional entertainer enough to win an award at the 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards. However, the viewers are getting tired of the “captain Kook” concept, which makes him the one who overpowers others and does not hesitate to make aggressive remarks, that Kim Jong-kook keeps in all entertainment shows.

Kim Jong-kook recently received the modifier “Sunday Man”. Since MBC’s new entertainment program “With the Silk of Dohpo Flying” was scheduled to air at 6:30 p.m every Sunday starting from July 10th, Kim Jong-kook is starring in a total of three programs on Sunday, including SBS’s “Running Man” at 5 p.m, “With the Silk of Dohpo Flying” and SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” at 9 p.m. 

It seems like Kim Jong-kook also acknowledged the controversy over his overlapping appearances. At a press conference, he said, “I’m afraid that there might be a misunderstanding”, adding “I also think that I’m appearing on too many shows on Sunday. When I was cast for the programs, it was not planned to air on Sunday”. He emphasized, “Luckily, my images and roles in other programs are different from that on ‘Running Man’.”

Denmark was the first destination of “With the Silk of Dohpo Flying” members and Kim Jong-kook joined the team two days late due to his schedule. In the first and second episodes, the chaotic trip of 4 members Ji Hyun-woo, Joo Woo-jae, Noh Sang-hyun, and Hwang Dae-hyun unfolded. Except for Joo Woo-jae, who has been a rising star these days, others were new to entertainment shows but their calm and playful chemistry made the viewers laugh.

And at the end of the third episode on July 24th, Kim Jong-kook and members reunited in Denmark. As soon as Kim Jong-kook saw the members, he started a “chat bombing” and did not give the members any chance to answer his questions. Hwang Dae-hyun said, “You have to give me a break when talking”, adding “We tried to give him signals but he doesn’t seem to give us a chance.

Some viewers expressed their discomfort, saying “The atmosphere became serious when Kim Jong-kook appeared”, “They could not say a thing and their ears must have hurt a lot”, “I was enjoying the healing program but he disrupted”, “Why did he suddenly become ‘Captain Kook’ in a healing program?”, etc.

The reason why the viewers gave such reactions is that in “Running Man” and “My Little Old Boy,” Kim Jong-kook is also using his “strong Jong-kook” image and overpowers others, even those who are older than him, and does not hesitate to say harsh words. Unlike Kim Yong-man, the new MC of “Problem Child in House” who leads conversations with the guests and shows harmonious performance with the members, Kim Jong-kook continued to diss Jung Hyung-don, adding the “tough taste” to a pleasant entertainment program.

Kim Jong-kook’s appearance of overpowering other people as if they were playing the “Captain game” can give someone a laugh, but it can sometimes cause inconvenience. And since this continues in all entertainment shows, the viewers are gradually feeling tired. This is why they expressed great regret and disappointment for “entertainment veteran” Kim Jong-kook’s move.

Source: daum

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