“Our Blues” Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min holding hands, “I won’t let you go even if I die”

Kim Woo-bin held Han Ji-min’s hand despite knowing about her disabled sister.

In the 14th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues,” which aired on May 22nd, Park Jung-joon (played by Kim Woo-bin) found out that Lee Young-ok (played by Han Ji-min)’s twin sister, Young-hee, had Down syndrome.

our blues

Lee Young-ok (played by Han Ji-min) was in a sweet relationship with Park Jung-joon (played by Kim Woo-bin), and was shocked when she received a text message that her twin sister, Young-hee, was coming to Jeju. Young-hee took a taxi to go to Jeju alone when Lee Young-ok did not come to see her and was taken to the police station. Mrs. Jang (played by Yang Hee-kyung) decided to help send Young-hee to Jeju. Mrs. Jang then informed Lee Young-ok that everyone was going home for a week due to remodeling problems.

When Park Jung-joon invited Lee young-ok to meet his parents “on the premise of marriage,” saying he plans to buy a house, Lee Young-ok said to Park Jung-joon with a more complicated expression, “I don’t intend to marry anyone. Let’s just go back to being a captain and a haenyeo.” Park Jung-joon couldn’t accept the breakup and followed Lee Young-ok, who was going to meet Young-hee at the airport.

Lee Young-ok then introduced Young-hee as “my win sister Young-hee, Down syndrome,” and when Park Jung-joon was surprised, Young-hee said to Lee Young-ok, “Don’t meet that man. He is surprised after seeing me.” Lee Young-ok then introduced her sister Young-hee to Jung Eun-hee and the other haenyeo, and Park Jung-joon belatedly said to Young-hee, “I’m Park Jung-joon. I’m dating Young-ok. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Park Jung-joon then refused to accept the breakup, saying that Young-hee is no reason for them to break up, and Lee Young-ok said, “I have to support Young-hee until I die,” adding, “They all said like you. But in the end, they get tired of Young-hee.” However, Park Jung-joon said, “I’m different from them,” and held Lee Young-ok’s hand and replied, “Look carefully, how much I love your sister.”

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