Kim Heechul “It’s like a research institute after the nuclear war”…The sons, and even his mother, are surprised by the interior design

Surprises and arguments are expected to boil up in Kim Heechul’s new house. 

In SBS entertainment program “My Little Old Boy,” which is airing on the 11th, Kim Heechul, who recently moved to a new house, have a tough housewarming party along with his first guests: Lee Sang-min, Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jong-kook, and Oh Min-suk.

On this day, the sons, who are on a “housewarming expedition“, are in great shock as soon as they enter Kim Heechul’s new house designed with “white interior”. Starting with the front door, followed by the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, all are painted white. 

Everyone is shocked, saying, “It’s like a research institute after the nuclear war,” and “My head is going blank”. Even Hee-chul’s mother, who is watching from the studio, sighs because he is, instead, proud of his brothers’ words.

However, for a while, the sons gather around and eat Heechul’s meal. Arguments bubble up when the spicy seafood noodle soup spills over the floor and Hee-chul begins to find the culprit. While they are busy denying each other, Jong-kook eventually explodes, saying, “Why is the house so uncomfortable?“. The studio is devastated.

Kim Jun-ho also drops an unexpected bomb. When Lee Sang-min cannot stand Jun-ho’s remarks, he becomes angry and summons President Tak and causes a riot.

Source: nate

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