YG allegedly subtly confirms BLACKPINK’s contract renewal status? 

A recent announcement by YG Entertainment causes fans to believe BLACKPINK will continue as a group. 

Recently, YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK would hold the “BORN PINK” encore concert in Seoul as the finale of BLACKPINK’s year-long World Tour. 

On August 18, YG additionally announced that fans wanting to bring cakes and banners into the concert area would have to register with the company. After YG confirms fans’ registration, they will help fans bring the cakes and banners to BLACKPINK. 

blackpink concert
BLACKPINK will have their final concert to wrap up the “BORN PINK” World Tour in Seoul, Korea

Notably, at the end of the announcement, YG Entertainment asked for fans’ support in the future. The statement is gaining particular attention. Fans believe this is YG’s way to deny rumors about BLACKPINK going on separate ways after the encore concert in Seoul.

Earlier, YG Entertainment’s operating profile for the second quarter of the year is announced to be 28.9 billion won, up by 209.3 % compared to the same period last year. It is also 28.2% higher than the initial market forecast of 22.5 billion won.


According to expert opinions from Hana Securities, YG managed to achieve this level of profit thanks to BLACKPINK’s contribution to album sales. Hence, it is highly likely that the BLACKPINK members will renew their contracts with YG Entertainment. 

Source: k14 

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