Former Pristin and I.O.I Joo Kyulkyung showed completely different visuals after leaving Korea

The recent status of Joo Kyulkyung, a former member of I.O.I and Pristin, draws attention

On August 24th, Joo Kyulkyung (also known as Pinky), posted several photos of her recent situation on her Instagram. 

In the photo, Kyulkyung was posing in front of the camera while wearing a cropped T-shirt that revealed her belly button. She also boasted her superior body and gorgeous features, drawing attention.

Joo Kyulkyung gained popularity back in 2016, after she participated in the famous Mnet survival show “Produce 101” and debuted in the finalist girl group “I.O.I”. At the time, the former female idol was hailed for her stunning visuals, and earned a lot of love from the public.

She then became a member of Pledis’ group Pristin, before leaving to pursue a solo career as an actress in China after I.O.I and Pristin’s disbandment. 

Source: nate

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