Rain confessed if he can live as a woman, he wanted to live, not as his wife Kim Tae-hee, but as “this woman”

Rain has a lot of compliments for this special woman.

Everyone knows Rain and Kim Tae Hee is a golden couple of the Korean entertainment industry. However, at a recent interview, Rain has answered a question, not with his wife’s name, but another woman’s.

Rain expressed his feelings about tvN’s drama “Ghost Doctor,” which ended on the same day, in an online interview on Feb 22nd. When asked “If you have the ability to be in somebody else’s body like doctor Cha Young Min, who would you like to be?” Rain answered he wanted to live as a woman. However, the name he mentioned wasn’t Kim Tae Hee.

The woman Rain wanna live as is the “Sexy QueenLee Hyori. “I want to try living as a woman, even better if she’s a woman who can dance well. I think it would be perfect if I can live as Lee Hyori. Because she is very beautiful, dances so well and is perfect,” Rain confessed. Netizens are surprised by this, wondering if Kim Tae Hee is jealous by his answer.


In fact, Rain and Lee Hyori are long-time close friends. Rain even had a crush on the female singer. During a TV show, Rain once shared, “Actually, my heart fluttered every time I got the chance to perform with Hyori in the past. At that time, all men liked her.” Hearing such sincere words from him, Lee Hyori said back, “You should have flirted with me back then, there’s no use saying it now.”

As of now, both Rain and Lee Hyori are happy with their own families. Lee Hyori got married to her husband Lee Sang Soon in 2013, while Rain and Kim Tae Hee had their wedding in 2017. In 2020, Rain along with Lee Hyori and Yoo Jae Suk formed the project group SSAK3 which has taken the K-Pop scene by storm in summer.

Although Rain had a lot of compliments for Lee Hyori, there’s no need for netizens to worry about his wife Kim Tae Hee. Rain constantly mentioned his wife during the interview, saying, “When we are at home, we don’t talk much about work. We don’t judge each other. No matter if it’s good or bad, we all welcome, compliment and support each other for the best.”

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