Kim Tae Hee unveils surreal visuals in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” behind clip 

New footage of Kim Tae Hee in the upcoming drama is unveiled.

Recently, Genie Studio released a behind clip for the poster shoot of “Lies Hidden in My Garden” starring Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon. Viewers have a closer look at Kim Tae Hee’s visual at 43. While she no longer looks as youthful as from “Love Story in Harvard”, the actress’ beauty never fades for a single moment. 

kim tae hee
Kim Tae Hee prepares for the poster shoot
kim tae hee
A closer look at Kim Tae Hee’s beauty

In “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, Kim Tae Hee plays Joo Ran, a woman whose perfect life turns upside down when she starts picking up a smell of corpse from her backyard. There may have been a murder buried there and Joo Ran suspects her husband to be the man behind it. With this new knowledge, Joo Ran seeks to uncover the truth.

kim tae hee
Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon face each other in “Lies Hidden in My Garden”

Lim Ji Yeon plays Sang Eun, a woman who suffers from frequent abuse by her temperamental husband. She always wishes to be able to escape from her miserable life. One day, her husband disappears. Her wish finally comes true.

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” will air every Monday and Tuesday on ENA. It premieres on June 19.

Source: K14  

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