Popular Spanish Rookie Actor Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges Ahead of Venice Film Festival

A Spanish actor, set to receive Rookie Award at the Venice Film Festival, shocked audiences by being arrested on sexual assault allegations

On September 2nd (local time), the Hollywood Reporter, a US entertainment media outlet, reported that emerging actor Gabriel Guevara, who has gained explosive popularity across Europe, was embroiled in allegations of sexual assault.

Gabriel Guevara

According to the report, Gabriel Guevara (22) had an international arrest warrant issued for allegations of sexual assault in France.

Gabriel was arrested by local Italian police on charges of sexual assault shortly before he was to receive the ‘Best Rookie Actor Award’ at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

The Venice International Film Festival Association, through its official social media, stated, “In light of recent media reports about the arrest, we want to make it clear that Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, who is in no way associated with any activities or productions of the Venice International Film Festival.”

Furthermore, they have completely canceled his Rookie Award.

Gabriel Guevara debuted in 2018 with the role of Cristian Miralles Haro in the Spanish high-teen series “Skam España”.

As he became more popular in Europe, the actor successfully got the lead role in the movie “My Fault” and rose to stardom.

Meanwhile, the news of Gabriel Guevara being arrested on sexual assault charges was first reported by the local daily newspaper La Nuova Venezia.

Details of the sexual assault case have not yet been released.

Source: Insight

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