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Now he’s an adult… The recent status of a famous actor’s son who looks like Song Joong-ki

Jang Hyun-sung revealed the recent status of his son Joon-woo.

Jang Hyun-sung appeared as a special MC on SBS’ entertainment program “My Little Old Boy“, which aired on Oct 2nd.

my little old boy

On this day, Shin Dong-yup talked about Jang Hyun-sung’s son Joon-woo, “He became a hot topic since he looked like Song Joong-ki.”

my little old boy

Jang Hyun-sung explained, “Now he’s a freshman at college.” Seeing Joon-woo’s picture, Shin Dong-yup joked, “I’m so thankful that he looks like his mother.” Jang Hyun-sung made everyone laugh by saying, “I have nothing to say, but I was handsome until I went through tough times.”

my little old boy

When asked to brag about his son, Jang Hyun-sung joked, “My eldest child participated in musicals during high school days. In the audition for ‘Beauty and the Beast’, he was selected as Beauty. His school was a coed one.”

He added, “The second seems to be baptized with affection. I often leave home early in the morning and come home late at night because I’m an actor. When I go into the children’s rooms after washing up before going to bed, my second child hugs me while asleep.”

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