Former Oh My Girl’s JinE Apologizes for Comment on aespa Karina’s Dating News

Former Oh My Girl member, JinE, recently found herself in hot water after making a comment about aespa’s Karina, following the report of Karina dating actor Lee Jae Wook.

JinE took to Instagram to share a story with the caption, “Karina Karina Karina nanrina (wordplay for ‘there’s an uproar’) ㅋㅋ”.

jine oh my girl

JinE’s post, supposedly about Karina’s dating news creating an uproar, quickly sparked backlash from netizens who accused JinE of mocking Karina

Responding to the criticism, JinE issued a public apology, saying, “I apologize if that was inappropriate. I just wanted to express my disappointment because she (Karina) is my favorite member.”

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