NCT’s fans heavily criticized by Korean netizens for having no manners

NCTzen – NCT’s fans are being condemned by many Korean netizens and called out for being much more ignorant than other groups’ fans. 

Among the fandoms of Kpop idol groups, NCTzens – fans of SM’s popular boy group NCT have infuriated Korean netizens the most recently. The reason is because NCTzens in Korea often cause a lot of controversy for having no respect for others while supporting their idols and showing behaviors that are not in line with common social norms. Recently, NCTzens have continued to face heavy criticism from Korean netizens for acting ignorant at an event with NCT DREAM’s participation.

nct dream

Specifically, on October 30, one of the rare offline Kpop concerts of 2021 took place. The event is called ‘Kpop in Suncheon 2021’ with a lineup including popular K-pop idol groups namely BTOB, NCT DREAM, Brave Girls, Oh My Girl, TXT, AB6IX and Hot Issue. Having the largest fandom, NCT DREAM is the group that got the most attention. However, their popularity has also caused problems to arise.

Kpop concert Suncheon

Accordingly, because it was an offline concert held amid the ongoing pandemic, the audiences were all arranged to sit at a distance from each other. During the concert, fans of other artists (BTOB, Brave Girls, Oh My Girl, TXT, AB6IX, and Hot Issue) all followed the organizers’ orders by sitting in the correct positions, not blocking the view of others, not screaming or shouting fanchants out loud, but only clapping to cheer for their idols, etc.

However, when it was NCT DREAM’s turn to perform, NCTzens were unable to stay calm. According to the photos and videos recorded as well as what was posted later to SNS by other fans attending the concert, NCT DREAM’s fans did not sit still in their seats but tried to get to the front rows. They held cameras, stood up on the chairs, and were being so noisy and chaotic that they blocked the view of everyone sitting around.

As can be seen in the photos, the seats were spaced 1m apart to comply with the distancing regulations. However, when NCT DREAM performed, the fans refused to sit but tried to get to the front so they could see their idols more clearly. Not only did they fail to follow the social distancing rules, NCT DREAM’s fans even caused chaos at the concert by squeezing into the front seats. This reckless behavior made it completely pointless to arrange seats and buy tickets with the original positions.

NCT's fans heavily criticized by Korean netizens for having no manners
NCT's fans heavily criticized by Korean netizens for having no manners
NCT's fans heavily criticized by Korean netizens for having no manners

Immediately after the concert, many photos and videos at the ‘Kpop in Suncheon’ concert were shared on Korean online communities as evidence to criticize the rude and thoughtless actions of NCT DREAM’s fans. Many Korean netizens claim that the concert, which was originally very orderly, was ruined by NCTzens. Some are also concerned that this rule violation of fans will cause offline concerts to be restricted again.


Many netizens are not surprised by this behavior of NCTzens because this is not the first time this fandom gets called out for having no manners at offline concerts. NCTzen is currently under fire and even labeled as the ‘most ignorant Kpop idol fandom’ in Korea. Some netizens even think that the subunits of NCT should be excluded from the line-up of joint offline concerts in the future to avoid their fans from causing harm. 

I hope that they won’t be invited to events anymore… If you look at the artists who have performed before them like Hot Issue, BTOB, OMG, Brave Girls, TXT, AB6IX, etc., their fans they all watched the show properly and followed the rules ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The singers should be ashamed of their fans too.

I thought ‘It’s NCTzen again’ before clicking on the title, as expected… I hope they don’t spoil the image of idol fans, please ban NCTzen from offline concerts and events in the future.

Fans of other groups stayed orderly and didn’t even scream till NCT’s performance… NCT supporters are often rude in this way!

It’s embarrassing to be in the same fandom as these people!!

I knew this was going to be about NCTzen even before I clicked on the title ㅋㅋ

Because of that fandom, the government probably won’t allow idols to hold offline concerts.. I hate that fandom!

Please remove all NCT groups from offline events!!

The members even signaled fans not to scream but they still did it, it’s a shame (picture below)

NCT DREAM members signaled fans not to scream but the fans didn't listen
NCT DREAM members signaled fans not to scream but the fans didn’t listen
NCT DREAM’s performance at ‘Kpop in Suncheon 2021’ 
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