RM (BTS) stood no.1 in the best group leader poll

A recent Mnet poll was launched to find out the best group leaders in K-pop and the final top 6 came out with some expected names.

In the Kpop music industry, there are many excellent leaders who have both good personalities and talent. Each person has a unique style of leading their group so it is difficult to choose the best leader. However, a recent Mnet poll found out the best team leaders.

6. Park Chorong (Apink)

No.6 in the ranking was Park Chorong from  Apink with about 4000 votes. With a view to the prestige with other members, Chorong deserves to be called the eldest sister. But in terms of talent, she is completely inferior. Despite having only a few lines distributed in Apink’s songs, Chorong was still criticized for being bad at singing live. She was once a good dancer but did not make any progress and was then surpassed by other members. However, what the group’s leader really needs is the authority and the ability to lead the whole group rather than the talent.


5. Irene (Red Velvet)

5th place belonged to Irene, Red Velvet’s leader with nearly 6000 votes. Although Irene has not convinced netizens of talents, but thanks to her beautiful face like a goddess, Irene was strongly promoted by SM, helping her become a powerful leader.

4. Kim Sung Kyu (INFINITE)

Kim Sung Kyu (INFINITE) held the 4th position with 8134 votes, accounting for 3.5% of total votes. Many fans look up to his leader-like appearance and his caring attitude. INFINITE’s leader takes care of other members one by one very carefully. Especially, the way he looks after Myungsoo, an introvert, makes his fans so proud. In addition, Kim Sung Kyu’s talent is beyond dispute, making the other members respect and obey him.


3. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups from SEVENTEEN finished with the third place and owned 19,626 votes accounting for 8.6% of the total votes. Being a perfect leader who has not only a good look, but also talent, S.Coups is widely praised by fans. He has contributed much to the success of SEVENTEEN up to now.


2. Onew (SHINee)

Standing at no.2 was SHINee‘s leader, Onew with an impressive total of 70,952 votes, representing nearly 31% of the vote. Onew is always aware that he is the one to bring SHINee to glory as well as the guardian of the group who protects them from the storms of the entertainment industry. He always shows the quality of the leader by being humble and willing to listen to other members’ opinions. He can be said to be the one to help SHINee’s members get together.


1. RM (BTS)

The talented leader of BTS, RM, led the poll with 121,193 votes, representing 53% of the total votes. The result was overwhelming. RM was said to have a good head for rapping and this sometimes drives ARMY crazy with his performances. RM is also well known for taking care of BTS’s members. However, he will become a decisive man when it comes to making important decisions. He always watches and encourages them like family members. The fans always admire RM for his good personalities, his ability to set goals and excellent leadership.


Although the poll did not list all Kpop’s top talents, it was not easy to choose top 6 K-pop leaders.

With their talent and leadership, these leaders have contributed greatly to the success of the groups and seem to be loved by everyone. They are the best leaders in the eyes of the members in particular and in the fans’ in general. However, in your opinion, who really is the most talented leader?

Source: koreaboo

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