ATTRAKT CEO Opens Up About the Lawsuit Against 3 FIFTY FIFTY Members: ‘I Waited for Them Till the End Like a Fool’

In an interview with Oh! K-Star channel on January 4th, Jeon Hong-jun mentioned his bittersweet emotions and revealed a foolish hope for the return of Aran, Sio, and Saena.

Jeon Hong-jun said, “As the news of the lawsuit becomes public, I feel a sense of bitterness. I secretly hoped that the three members who terminated their contracts would come back.” 


He continued, “If they had returned, I had even foolishly thought about sincerely apologizing to the public and seeking forgiveness. It’s a situation that cannot be salvaged as of today, the day the lawsuit was filed.”

Expressing his displeasure at the responsibility placed on the three members, Jeon Hong-jun stated, “It’s disheartening that the three bear the responsibility for this situation. If there were good adults around, would this have happened?” 

He added, “It’s a situation that cannot be resolved anymore from today (the day the lawsuit was filed).”

fifty fifty

Jeon Hong-jun also shared his regret about the success of FIFTY FIFTY, saying, “Creating a successful group has a one in a billion chance. If they took the wrong path, they should have come back.”

Despite no contact from Aran, Sio, and Saena after the contract termination and the 13 billion won lawsuit, Jeon Hong-jun said, “I had no choice but to proceed with the lawsuit. From today, the first generation of FIFTY FIFTY has disappeared from the music scene. I waited until the end like a fool. It’s heavy-hearted to see.”

However, he revealed his focus on the current activities of FIFTY FIFTY 2nd generation and the formation of a new girl group. 

Jeon Hong-jun emphasized, “For the company’s growth, I am dedicated to finding new members and making a quick comeback with more fantastic music.”

To sum up the current situation, ATTRAKT is moving forward with three tracks: the 13 billion won lawsuit, FIFTY FIFTY 2nd generation member reselection, and the birth of a new girl group.

Previously, members of FIFTY FIFTY applied for a suspension of the exclusive contract against ATTRAKT in June 2023. However, the court rejected the request in August. 


Despite their appeals, the court rejected them in October. In the process, one member, Keena, withdrew the appeal and returned to ATTRAKT. 

Last month, ATTRAKT announced a 13 billion won lawsuit against Aran, Sio, and Saena, accusing them of breach of exclusive contract, active involvement in the unfair termination of the contract, and joint illegal activities with The Givers CEO Ahn Sung-il, Baek Jin-sil, and their parents. 

Meanwhile, Aran, Sio, and Saena are currently seeking new agencies and expressing their willingness to continue their activities in the industry.

Source: daum

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