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BTS’s Jungkook cared for his fans even during an award show.

On the 1st, BTS attended 2018 Melon Music Award at Seoul Gocheok Skydome. They were nominated in 7 categories.

They have received awards in different categories such as Artist, Album (Love Yourself: Tear), TOP, Netizen Popular, Global Artist, Kakao Hot Star, Rap/Hip-hop (Fake Love).

They have, once again, prove their superstar potential by winning 3 consecutive years. BTS also have won 2016 Best Album and 2017 Best Song.

At first, BTS dance-line J-hope, Jimin and Jungkook amazed the audience with their performance by using the Korean traditional outfit concept.

Each member finished their solo choreography perfectly with passion. Also, the music is re-arranged into a kukak (Korean traditional music) version.

The appearance of lion dance, mask dance, sangmodolli (Korean traditional dance) and Jungkook throwing the mask while lying down created a charismatic stage.

As much as the performance, there is another story being spread among the fans. Jungkook was standing the waiting zone and watching other singers perform. He was also talking to other guests. Suddenly he started to walk around, then picked up the bottle next to him and throw it to the audience. It was for the fans who were there for hours watching the show.

The netizen’s reaction was full of “I envy you”, “Even his heart is beautiful”, “Why that fan wasn’t me” and “He is so perfect.”

What do you think about his action? Isn’t it heart-warming?

Source: Dispatch

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