Leessang’s Gill responds to the controversy over his action at a kids’ café, “No one around me cared” 

Gill of the former hip-hop duo Leessang gave an explanation after being misunderstood as a nuisance at a kids’ café. 

Gill posted several photos on his Instagram on November 4th of his visit to a kids’ cafe with his young son.

The photo shows Gill playing with his son and children’s toy blocks. Along with this, he said, “Haeum went with me but he was exhausted and left, so I built a castle and became the king alone.”

Lessang Gill

He explained, “The moment I built a castle and became a king, the children who were building blocks next to me burst into tears and the mothers frowned.”

Seeing this, some netizens started criticizing Gill, saying that he was being a nuisance at the kids’ café, a space for children. In particular, netizens pointed out that Gill’s actions were not appropriate in the part where he said, “Children cried and mothers frowned.”

Lessang Gill

However, this is a quote from the hit song “Viva La Vida” by the world-famous British band Coldplay.

When a netizen mentioned the song “Viva La Vida” in the comments, Gill said, “That’s right. No one around me cared,” explaining what actually happened at the café at the time. 

Meanwhile, Gill married a non-celebrity woman 10 years younger than her in 2017, and they have one son.

Source: daum

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