“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki-young’s house surprised everyone

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actor Kang Ki-young’s house is attracting attention.

Kang Ki-young is playing Jung Myung-seok, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin)’s immediate superior and mentor, in ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Kang Ki-young married a non-celebrity woman 3 years younger than him in 2019. He has a son named Kang Yi-joon, and his dog poopoo is also receiving a lot of attention. Kang Ki-young’s wife is running a YouTube channel called “envy poopoo” which features the dog poopoo.

kang ki young

As Kang Ki-young drew attention for his humorous and outstanding acting skills in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, fans paid a lot of attention to his house.

When appearing on MBC’s entertainment show “Where is My Home” in 2020, he said, “I had been living in a studio apartment only, so I wasn’t interested in interior design. However, after getting married, I became interested in interior design while decorating my matrimonial house.”

kang ki young

The appearance of his house was revealed little by little through his Instagram and the YouTube channel “envy poopoo“.

His house, which is reminiscent of an art gallery, is neat and luxurious.

There is also a spacious yard where dogs can run around freely. In addition, the natural scenery and the village scenery outside catch the eye.

Members of the online community Instiz commented about Kang Ki-young’s house, “Is it really a house?”, “I like it”, “Isn’t it a hotel?”, “I didn’t know he was married” and “His house is like a gallery.”

The following is Kang Ki-young’s house, which was revealed on SNS and his wife’s YouTube channel.

Source: wikitree

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