Kim Garam, 2nd announced member of LE SSERAFIM, accused of school bullying: Source Music and Hybe give response

Immediately after LE SSERAFIM released the first images of Kim Garam, she immediately got into a school bullying controversy.

On April 5, Source Music introduced the second member of LESSERAFIM – Kim Garam (born in 2005). Garam quickly attracted the public’s attention because of her pure and sweet beauty.

Less than a day after being introduced, Kim Garam’s past photos were spread on Korean community sites, revealing some images related to her that are not suitable for a student.


In a photo, there is a picture of a blackboard with a message congratulating Kim Garam, who is making her debut as Le Seraphim, and a picture of Kim Garam posing against a blackboard with sexual content in the background.

[Rumored Kim Garam’s Facebook]Kim Chae Eun: I’ll be your s*x partner
Kim Garam: Aing give me a FB DM”

Later, a person claiming to be Garam’s friend made a post saying that Garam was forced to take pictures without knowing the pictures were drawn on the board. This person also said that after Garam discovered the bad images on the board, she asked for them to be deleted. However, this person’s excuses were met with mixed opinions from netizens.

Kim Garam’s past image

On the other hand, on social networking service (SNS) Twitter and online communities, allegations were raised that Kim Ga-ram harassed several students on campus. A user also revealed that Garam bullied her juniors, caused a classmate to be hospitalized, smoked, and drunk underage.

“Garam: Yah, if you refuse, I’ll k*ll youㅋㅋ
OP: No
Garam: Pick up you f*cking b*tch
OP: Seriously, don’t do it, please
– Please
Garam: Why are you not picking up?
– I acted like that because I was too annoyed, sowryㅋㅋ”
“We went to the same school and there are even more things to be exposed on her. I’ll leave one past picture of her. I’ll delete it right away”

On the other hand, some information also said that Kim Garam used to be a Starship trainee and may have been dropped from the IVE lineup.

“The kid who said that she was a Starship trainee did well, if we didn’t know anything about her, we would’ve never known about this either. She was in IVE’s debut team but was dropped and went to HYBE”
“Le Sserafim! <3 congrats on debuting Kim Garam <3
“Hybe” – you know Bangtan right?
(Source music) Debuting with Sakura and Kim Chaewon
They won over Ive
(bottom corner: Ive, Le Sserafim)” 

On the morning of April 6, Source Music and Hybe responded to this rumor: “We already have a hold of the contents that are currently exposed. We will announce our position as soon as the facts are sorted out.”

Meanwhile, 2 former IZ*ONE members Sakura and Kim Chaewon are reported to make their re-debut as LE SSERAFIM members.

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