The late-blooming Rosé of K-Pop: shines brighter with her own effort as time passes by     

Rosé’s success is not spoon-fed to her, but is built with her hard work and perseverance despite many failures.

Once an idol that is not very popular with the public, Rosé has tried her best from nothing to prove and complete herself. The petite girl in the past is now a full-blooming rose that got everyone looking up.

A passion that is the total opposite from her family’s tradition

Rosé, real name Roseanne Park, was born on Feb 11th, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. Grew up in a family of lawyers but the little girl was mesmerized by music. Migrating to Australia when she was 8 years old, she could have become a lawyer to follow her family’s tradition, but then music has turned her to another path, becoming something that she cannot live without.

Rosé BLACKPINK story

Rosé grew up with a passion for performing as she has joined the cheerleading teams, dance crews and the church choir. The guitar has been her best friend ever since. Singing all day and night but the little girl was feeling inferior with her voice, thinking that her singing disturbed her family’s rest.

Knowing the heart of his daughter, Rosé’ father has bought the plan ticker and encouraged her to go audition for YG Entertainment. Not letting her father down, Rosé became the winner out of 700 other contestants.

Rosé BLACKPINK story

Breaking her own limit, Rosé has had to endure the feeling of homesick, leaving her home where she is loved unconditionally to head for South Korea.

“I know that you guys are only seeing what’s on stage right here, but all of us have been through so many things, and I’m proud of us. It was hard for me to be far away from home,” Rosé once shared.

Rosé BLACKPINK story

Putting her all into every performance

Ever since her debut with BLACKPINK, fans have been watching Rosé trying her best to improve herself. Starting from nothing, it took Rosé quite a long time and effort to step out from her cocoon.

Rosé BLACKPINK story

Her effort was shown the most through the promotion period for her first solo album “On the Ground”. Due to the success of this album, Rosé has uploaded a video onto her personal Youtube titled “Thank you for loving -R-”.

Rosé BLACKPINK story

According to the behind-the-scene videos, Rosé has joined in almost all steps of producing the album and performance. She has confessed that during the process of completing her album, she was too busy to rest. She started the day at 3PM at the company and can only leave at 3 in the morning.

Every day, she had to design the album, chose the images to be used in the album, and practiced singing and dancing. She had several health issues as a result of her hard work, such as weight loss and sleeplessness.

One of the most impressive lyrics of the title song “On The Ground” says: “I’ve worked all my life. Just to get high, and then realized, everything I need is on the ground”.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
After many efforts, Rosé’s first solo product was also warmly received by the public.

Suffered serious injuries many times

Rosé also made fans cry in the On The Ground behind-the-scenes video. She appeared exhausted as a result of the intensive practice.

Doing too many head-twisting and hair-pulling movements, Rosé needed to clamp her neck to prevent further pain. The day she was treated for her injury was also the day she had to record for her first solo debut stage.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
Rosé suffered a serious injury due to overwork and practice.
Rosé BLACKPINK story
She made fans sad because of the image of her skinny legs on the promotion stage.

This is not the first time netizens have noticed Rosé’s injuries and health problems. In the dance practice video for the song “Lovesick Girls“, she revealed her left arm with a white bandage. Fans can also see Rosé’s swollen wrist.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
Rosé BLACKPINK story
Fans also saw that Rosé’s wrist was swollen.

Become the most brilliant rose in K-pop

Over 5 years of career, BLACKPINK now has a great position, has broken many records, and conquered the world market. This means that all of Rosé’s efforts have also paid off. Since the “Australian rose” was bashed for her singing skills and visual, Rosé has transformed into the most beautiful and splendid flower.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
Rosé makes a spectacular makeover

Now, Rosé is the main vocal with a prominent vocal color, taking care of the difficult climaxes of the group’s songs. Her dancing ability is rated the second-best after Lisa, completely deserving of the title of lead dancer, even though she has only learned to dance since the age of 16.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
Hard work and dedication are the reason why Rosé achieves success.

In addition, she has countless times appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines. Not only that, “Australian rose” won many expensive advertising contracts. Thanks to her creative spirit and relentless hard work, Rosé is the perfect person to take on the position of Global Ambassador for Saint Laurent.

Rosé BLACKPINK story
Thanks to her popularity, she has chance to appear on the covers of famous magazines many times.
Rosé BLACKPINK story
Rosé is honored to become the global ambassador of Saint Laurent fashion house.
Rosé BLACKPINK story
Rosé shows off her chic aura when promoting YSL perfume.

To achieve the success they are today, Rosé and BLACKPINK have exchanged many things, not just relying on their natural talent. From zero to hero, the female idol is constantly trying, working hard to develop herself and receive a lot of love from the public. Now, she becomes a beautiful, gorgeous rose, an one-of-a-kind treasure of K-pop.

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