NCT, aespa, and RIIZE MVs to Promote Korea as SM Collaborate with Korea Tourism Organization

On February 8, SM announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Tourism Organization for the next two years to promote Korean tourism. The MOU signing ceremony took place at the SM headquarters.

Under this agreement, SM will shoot MVs, teaser videos, and other content of its artists (such as NCT, aespa, and RIIZE, among others) domestically to promote Korean attractions and experiences. They will also actively cooperate with the Korea Tourism Organization in utilizing artist portraits in promotional materials and support the promotion of Korean tourism.

Additionally, the Korea Tourism Organization plans to hold special exhibitions featuring SM artists at places like the Hiker Ground (a multi-cultural space) to provide motivation for global fans to visit Korea. They will introduce SM artist content shooting locations as tourist spots and showcase tourism content online and offline.

Through this MOU, both parties will conduct joint marketing and promotion and seek to discover new business models for the Hallyu tourism content industry.

Source: Naver

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