Before the release of “Seoul Vibe”, let’s check out the best 5 Korean car-chasing blockbusters

Before watching “Seoul Vibe”, let’s find out what kind of car-chasing scenes were in Korean movies through these five representative films.

As anyone can see through the “Fast and Furious” series, car-chasing action has definitely become a sub-genre of action movies in Hollywood. In Korea, not only action movies that have car-chasing scenes, but also action movies that deal with the main theme of car chase are being produced. The new Korean car chase movie “Seoul Vibe” is also set to be released on Netflix on August 26th.

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Before watching “Seoul Vibe”, let’s find out what kind of car-chasing scenes were in Korean movies through these five representative films.

“Veteran” – Myeongdong 8-lane car-chasing


Yoo Ah-in ran across Myeongdong Boulevard to avoid Hwang Jeong-min’s pursuit. A chase took place against the backdrop of Myeongdong Boulevard, which is jammed with cars during the evening, rather than the Hollywood movies’ open highway.

To film the scene where Yoo Ah-in was trapped in a traffic jam and was in danger of being caught before he broke down all the driveway facilities to run away from Hwang Jeong-min, the production team blocked the entire Myungdong Boulevard and filmed with 80 vehicles on the road.


“Asura: The City of Madness” – A chase in the rain

It was raining so hard that it was hard to see. In reality, it would be scary to just drive in such weather, but Jung Woo-sung had to drive through the rain to catch up with Hwang Jung-min’s men.

The combination of sparks flying as cars and cars hit, the pouring rain, and Jung Woo-sung’s crazy acting created a scene that will remain in Korean movie history.

“Peninsular” – Competition on an overwhelming scale

In the sequel “Peninsular” of “Train to Busan,” a large-scale car-chasing scene reminiscent of “Mad Max” unfolds amid the fight between the remaining survivors and the process of escaping from the chasing zombies while heading to Incheon.

The actress Lee Re, who was in charge of driving in the movie, is actually a minor, so she couldn’t drive directly and had to practice in simulations.

“Hit-and-Run Squad” – A race of life and death between Cho Jung-seok and Ryu Jun-yeol

The movie is about the battle between Cho Jung-seok, a former F1 racer, and a hit-and-run team chasing him. Gong Hyo-jin appears as a passionate police officer chasing Cho Jung-seok, and Ryu Jun-yeol appears as a figure hiding his tremendous driving skills.

At the end of the movie, Cho Jung-seok, who received attention for his rare villain role,  and Ryu Jun-yeol have a racing match at the risk of their lives, and about 90% of the scenes were filmed by the two actors themselves.

“Special Delivery” – Perfect action scenes achieved after overcoming traffic accident trauma

Park So-dam‘s first solo lead role, “Special Delivery,” is an action film that focuses on the pursuit of a special driver who has to transport special cargo.

Park So-dam had a trauma related to driving due to a car accident when she was young, but she overcame it with her desire for action and even drifted herself to focus on action.

In addition to these, there are so many other movies that insert car-chasing scenes, and let’s wait for “Seoul Vibe” while taking a look back at Korean movies with the best car-chasing scenes.

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