Popular actor “My wife stayed by my side even though I had 20 billion won in debt”

Japanese actor-singer Yuzo Kayama (86) recalled the time when he owed about 20 billion won

On Sep 18th, Yuzo Kayama appeared on a Japanese radio broadcast and attracted attention by mentioning his financially difficult time.

Yuzo said that he was deeply in debt in the past, and that he shared an egg and a bowl of rice with his wife, actress Megumi Matsumoto, in those days. The debt at that time was revealed to be 2.3 billion yen (about 20.6 billion won), shocking everyone.

Yuzo Kayama

He added that during the difficult time, his wife Megumi gifted him a used piano with the money she had saved since she was single. Yuzo already owned a piano because he also worked as a composer, but he gave it up due to debt. He expressed his gratitude to his wife, saying he received a “special gift in a very difficult situation“.

Yuzo confessed that he had a hard time seeing the two-faced side of people around him, “People pushed me a lot when I went uphill, but they disappeared when I went downhill. I felt like I was standing naked on a pillar.

Yuzo Kayama

Yuzo expressed affection for his wife, saying that they were a strong support for each other. He also revealed that he shed tears when his wife gifted him the piano. Back then, his wife Megumi once again moved him by saying, “You sing and make music, so you can’t live without instruments. It’s not that hard (to buy). I’m in a bad situation, but I’ll buy it for you.”

Meanwhile, Yuzo once again expressed his gratitude to Megumi, saying that his hit songs “Sea That Love” and “To My Sister” were created on the used piano presented by his wife.

The works starring Yuzo Kayama include “Red Beard”, “Scattered Clouds”, “Messengers”, “The Sword of Doom”, “Yearning” and “47 Ronin”.

Source: Daum

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