Here’s how Kwak Sun Young’s husband reacted to her steamy kiss in “Behind Every Star” 

Kwak Sun Young’s husband had a surprising reaction after watching his wife’s love scene. 

Kwak Sun Young became famous for a commercial for a fatigue recovery medicine before her drama debut. In 2020, she starred in “Hospital Playlist”, one of her most famous roles. She recalled that at the time, she had almost no hair and makeup done, and came out all naturally, so she put her strength into getting cast as Lee Ik Sun.

Kwak Sun-young

Kwak Sun Young was born in 1983, and after building her skills in musicals and plays, she made her face known on the small screen through the 2018 drama “Your Honor”. She got married in 2015 and gave birth in 2016.

Kwak Sun-young

Kwak Sun Young often plays characters younger than her actual age, because of her youthful appearance. It is hard to believe that she is approaching 40. In particular, she starred in the drama “Behind Every Star” as a lover with Noh Sang Hyun, who is 7 years younger, and played a big part in inducing excitement.

Kwak Sun-young

In “Behind Every Star”, the two played a couple who quarreled, misunderstood, and eventually developed into lovers. Kwak Sun Young’s character has a strong playgirl image, so she had to film many high-level love scenes. Watching this, Kwak Sun Young’s husband’s reaction was interesting. She came out on a variety show and told this story.

Kwak Sun-young

Kwak Sun Young revealed, “My husband usually monitors my acting, but after the broadcast that day, I received a laughing message with ‘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ’ from my husband”. She said her husband was pretending to be cool and there were a lot of emotions in the laughing message as if nothing happened.

Then, when asked about the bed scene, Kwak Sun Young said, “I never told my husband (about the bed scene) in the first place.” 

Kwak Sun-young

Meanwhile, Kwak Sun Young is returning in the drama “Brain Works” alongside Jung Yong Hwa, Cha Tae Hyun, and Ye Ji Won. “Brain Works” is a comedy investigation drama in which two men who are desperate to kill each other solve criminal cases related to rare brain diseases. It will premiere in January 2023.

Source: Daum. 

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