Lee Ha-nee to give birth in June, everyone is impressed by her special prenatal education

Actress Lee Ha-nee drew attention after revealing a special prenatal care method.

Honey Lee

On March 28th, Lee Ha-nee posted photos and videos on her Instagram along with the caption “The Year of the Black Tiger.”

The released photo shows Lee Ha-nee showing off her high-quality art skills while drawing a folk painting.

In the photos, she caught the public’s attention by showing how careful she is in every delicate brush touch on each hair of the black tiger.

She also showed off her simple charm in a hoodie without makeup, smiling while staring at the camera.

Lee Ha-nee wrote, “Mother, please leave the eyeliner to me now. I’ve been lining fur for three weeks.”

Honey Lee

When a netizen commented “Your prenatal education looks so good. A black tiger for the baby,” Lee Ha-nee replied, “I know. That’s what the Chinese zodiac sign is all about.”

Honey Lee

Netizens who saw the photo responded to Lee Ha-nee‘s Instagram post, “Wow, each strand of fur seems to be alive,” “She’s even good at drawing. Is there anything she can’t do?” “Multi-talented,” “Wow, awesome,” and “Wow, this is so good for prenatal education.”

Honey Lee

Lee Ha-nee made a surprise announcement in December last year about her wedding with a non-celebrity man she was dating. Since then, she has reported the news of her pregnancy in January this year and is scheduled to give birth in June.

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