NewJeans’ Haerin Stuns Netizens with her Captivating Side Profile

NewJeans’ Haerin turns heads with photos that showcase her perfect side profile

Since her debut, Haerin has been a standout among 4th gen female idols, captivating fans with her cat-like visuals characterized by sharp features and large cat eyes.

Haerin has recently become the center of attention again for her looks. This time, it’s her perfect nose that steals the show, as fans share photos capturing her side profile.

Netizens shower praise on Haerin’s facial features, with many emphasizing that her beautiful nose rivals the charm of her eyes. 

Netizens left comments: 

  • “Her beautiful nose caught my eye from the very first glance, just like her eyes. The overall visual harmony is mesmerizing.”
  • “Haerin’s face is flawless in every feature, from her eyes to her nose to her lips.”
  • “Every Haerin’s features is a work of art. Her nose, with just the right height, perfectly complements her eyes.”
  • “How can someone be this pretty? Every detail of her face is alluring”
  • “Her eyes, nose, and lips are all beautiful. I was so focused on her eyes that I almost missed how striking her nose is.”

Source: K14

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