SEVENTEEN S.Coups’s Military Service Exemption Sparks Controversy

Many people believe that S.Coups’s knee injury is not serious enough for him to get a military service exemption

On March 1st, Xports News reported that S.Coups had been exempted from military service. After being diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament tear in the left knee in August 2023, S.Coups halted activities for treatment and recovery. He will resume activities with SEVENTEEN in March.

However, many people voiced the opinion that S.Coups’s military exemption is unreasonable. Some netizens even pointed out that his injury was not serious enough to be exempted from military service and listed other celebrities, including idols, actors and athletes, who suffered more serious injuries but still fulfilled their military service as social workers.


In particular, Lee Min-ho had a car accident in 2006. The driver and a friend sitting in the front died in the accident, while Lee Min-ho luckily survived. However, his thigh and ankle were completely broken. The injuries were so severe that even the doctor predicted a pessimistic about the future of Lee Min-ho. Despite that, Lee Min-ho still managed to recover and enlisted.

In 2007, Kyuhyun’s waist and ribs were seriously injured in an accident. A broken rib even went through his lungs, causing Kyuhyun to fall unconscious for 4 days with only a 20% chance to live. Another member Heechul also got into a car accident in the past and he had to put iron rods in his fractured legs. Both Super Junior members eventually overcame their injuries and completed military service. 

In addition, Kim Jong-kook has endured various pains from his broken legs, herniated disc, and spine even before his enlistment until now. 

To make their argument more convincing, netizens cited the Military Minister’s requirements for military exemption. Accordingly, people who are exempted from military service are those with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, or infectious diseases as well as athletes with World Cup, ASIAD, or Olympic achievements. 

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Considering that S.Coups’s injury is less serious than the mentioned celebrities and the SEVENTEEN idol did not match any requirements, netizens are pouring criticism and complaining of unfairness.

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