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TWICE’s Jihyo Shocked At the Joke Of Her Youngest Sister, “4 Years Later, You’ll Be An Ajuma”

TWICE’s Jihyo smiled bitterly at the joke of her youngest sister, who is 12 years younger than her

Episode 516 of MBC’s program “I Live Alone”, which aired on October 13th, showed Jihyo going camping in the rain with her younger sister Jiyoung, who is working as a model.

That day, Jihyo mentioned her youngest sister Seoyeon, who is 12 years younger than her. Assuming that school was over, the two sisters decided to make a video call with Seoyeon. Jihyo said, “We are talking about when the three of us will be able to go on a trip together”.

When Seoyeon asked her sisters what they were doing, Jihyo and Jiyoung replied, “We drink alcohol”, adding “Seoyeon ah, grow up quickly, okay?”. Hearing that, Seoyeon said, “I have four years left. Doesn’t my birthday come early?”, revealing the time left until she becomes an adult.

Realizing her age Jihyo complained, “4 years later, I’ll be in my 30s”. Seoyeon then jokingly said, “You’ll be an ajuma”, and Jihyo showed a bitter smile due to the fact attack, drawing laughter. Watching the scene from the studio, Jeon Hyun-moo was even more shocked and he commented, “Then what will I be called?”.

Meanwhile, Jihyo was born in 1997 and she’s 26 this year. She debuted as a member of TWICE in 2015 and made her solo debut in August this year by releasing her first mini album “ZONE”.

Source: Nate

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