Leonardo DiCaprio was once not interested in joining “Titanic”

James Cameron shared he had to “twist” Leo’s arm so that he would join the filming as the leading man. 

At the Golden Globe Awards, director James Cameron shared some details about his classic hit “Titanic”  where he had to persuade Leonardo DiCaprio into joining his movie project. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Director James Cameron said, “He didn’t want to do a leading man. I had to really twist his arm to be in the movie. He didn’t want to do it. He thought it was boring.” It was only when Cameron told DiCaprio that the role would be a difficult challenge that “The Wolf of Wall Street” star agreed to become the lead actor of the movie. 

He continued, “It didn’t surprise me, first of all, that he’s made a lot of authentic choices going forward,” Cameron added, “And secondly, I never doubted his talent.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

He also belived that the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were integral to the movie’s success. “I think about casting Leonardo and Kate in ‘Titanic’. Leo, the studio didn’t want him; I had to fight for him. Kate really liked him.” Therefore, when Leonardo turned down the offer, the director was not hesitant to go out of his way to make it happen. 

It was fortunate that Leo dicided to participate in the movie project that ended being one of the “highest-grossing movies ever made” at present. The movie is considered one of the most romantic and tragic love stories in the history of cinema. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: K14

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