“Queendom 2” Kep1er “We’re still babies”… Embarrassed by Brave Girls’ mature concept

Kep1er members, who were in charge of covering Brave Girls’ song, were embarrassed by Brave Girls’ mature concept.

In episode 4 of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on April 21st, cover song confrontation performances were revealed following the previous broadcast.

Kep1er was the fifth team to perform that day. They covered Brave Girls’ song.

Chaehyun said cautiously, “It was an automatic match.” Dayeon also shared her thoughts, “I’m worried that seniors have a lot of mature songs. We’re all young.” It is known that there are many underage members in Kep1er.

Kep1er members started discussing the lyrics of Brave Girls’ representative songs, and talked about the stage of ennui that the song “We Ride” expressed.

Eventually, the members called Brave Girls. Yeseo asked Brave Girls members, “What is the stage of ennui?” In response, Yuna and Eunji realistically explained what the stage of ennui is to the members. They drew laughter by making expressions that seemed to recall old memories.

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