From a little girl who loves dancing to a global star, BLACKPINK’s Lisa at 25 is dubbed Thailand’s “national treasure” 

At the age of 25, Lisa has achieved admirable success in different areas. 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is undeniably one of the most popular and influential K-pop female idols today. Having stunning visuals, outstanding talent, and a great personality, Lisa impresses the public with how good she is at everything she does. As a foreign idol debuting in Korea, Lisa has overcome many challenges and difficulties to become the shining star that she is today. She is called Thailand’s precious “national treasure” for a reason. 

Lisa Blackpink

Lisa is known as one of K-pop’s “dancing machines” because of her top-tier dancing skills. Since she was only a child, Lisa has revealed her gifted talent for dancing. Lisa once shared that she has been learning to dance since she was 4 years old.

Specifically, when she took on the role of a mentor on the Chinese survival show “Youth With You”, Lisa said: “My mother told me that since I was a child, I have always loved to dance. So she took me to dance classes at the age of 4. That’s all I remember.” Upon hearing this, the trainees admired Lisa even more because she started dancing at such a young age. 

Lisa revealed that she learned to dance at the age of 4.
Lisa revealed that she learned to dance at the age of 4. 

Before going to Korea to become an idol trainee at YG Entertainment, Lisa was a member of a famous dance crew in Thailand. She and her close friend BamBam (GOT7) used to compete in various dance competitions. 

With a talent and passion for dancing since childhood, Lisa worked hard to become a K-pop idol. Joining YG Entertainment at the age of 14, leaving her family to start a new life in Korea, Lisa went through many hardships during her trainee days such as homesickness and language barriers. 

Lisa once said that when she was a trainee, she spent time in the practice room until 3-4 am. At one point, she was under so much pressure and missed her family so much that she burst into tears alone.

Lisa Blackpink
Lisa practiced choreography until 3-4 am to perfect her skills.

“Back then, everything was very tough for me. I lived alone, had to make my own decisions, manage my finances, things that I had never experienced before. I was the ‘mama girl’ type. Whenever I’m tired, I just want to hug my mom, but at that time, I couldn’t do that and could only make video calls. The language barriers took a toll on me too because I couldn’t communicate with everyone”, Lisa talked about her trainee days. 

Lisa BLACKPINK in Thailand
Family is Lisa’s main support.

Overcoming all difficulties, after more than 5 years training, Lisa debuted with Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé, creating a BLACKPINK with four perfect pieces. Not only her choreography, her rapping skills and stage expressions are getting better and better, becoming an ideal model that many juniors follow.

Lisa is an indispensable piece of BLACKPINK.

Besides working with BLACKPINK, Lisa also made a solo debut in September 2021 with her album titled her own name LALISA. The album includes 2 songs, LALISA and MONEY, bearing the personal color of the youngest member of BLACKPINK, who is pretty and powerful.

Since her debut, the heat of LALISA has carried her name everywhere, making it the most viewed K-pop female idol’s MV in the first 24 hours. Up to now, the number of views is still increasing rapidly.

Lisa brings her national color into the MV to show her pride and respect. 

Especially, the b-side song “MONEY” also bombed the digital music charts, the heat even overwhelmed the title song “LALISA“. Although it has been more than half a year since its release, MONEY still brings Lisa many unprecedented achievements.

MONEY brought Lisa many great achievements. 

At the present, Lisa is the Global Ambassador of many leading jewelry and fashion brands in the world such as Bvlgari, Celine, MAC. Besides, she is also having the potential of being the next idol to grace the cover of all Top 6 fashion magazines in Korea.

At the age of 25, Lisa has a huge list of admirable achievements. In order to achieve these, the female idol has overcome many difficulties and criticisms. Therefore, she receives more love from the fans.

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