“She looks like an angel”… NMIXX Sullyoon’s past video receives praise from netizens

NMIXX Sullyoon’s past video has been released, making headlines.

On March 7th, Sullyoon‘s past video was uploaded on online communities and SNS. The video released on the YouTube channel “NMIXX Fancafe” in November 2021 was re-shared.

NMIXX Sullyoon

Sullyoon debuted on February 22nd. Among NMIXX members, Sullyoon is said to be “continuing JYP girl groups’ visual genealogy“. Her doll-like appearance caught everyone’s eye.

It was the same in past videos.

The video was presumed to be Sullyoon‘s elementary school days. She boasted her unrivaled small face size among her friends.

NMIXX Sullyoon

It was also revealed that despite her young age, her clear facial features were already complete.

The video has been praised by netizens.


They left comments such as “She’s already been completed since she was a kid”, “Look at her ratio. She’s like a person living in a different world”, “She looks like an angel”…

Meanwhile, NMIXX proved their popularity as “O.O Challenge” exceeded 93 million participants on TikTok on March 8th.

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