BTS’s V Reveals Angry Back Muscles, “Wounds of Glory”

The latest update of BTS’s V, who is on leave from the military and revealed “angry back muscles”, captures fans’ attention.

On April 12, BTS’s V shared a photo of his back through the fan communication platform Weverse, along with the caption, “Wounds of Glory.”

In the photo, red marks can be seen on V’s muscular back, causing fans to worry. They expressed various reactions such as “Get well soon,” “Don’t overdo it. Always cheering for you,” and “Be careful.”

Meanwhile, V also garnered hot attention for his broad back. A fan commented, “Taehyung’s back is like a battlefield,” along with a thumbs-up.

On the other hand, V had previously emphasized that he would build up his strength and gain weight before his discharge. Last December, he stated through Weverse that he would build up stamina so he wouldn’t tire out even after holding multiple concerts, saying, “I’ll gain up to 86kg.”

In February, V mentioned through Weverse that he has achieved 72.5kg, followed by the words “I’ll be back. Loyalty!” with a military-like tone, bringing laughter.

Seeing V’s efforts, fans shower the male idol in praise and cheer for him to stay injury-free, eat well, and build a great body.

Source: Nate

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