BTS Suga “Jungkook or IU?”…Long-term relationship with IU?

BTS Suga shared the secret stories behind his relationship with IU and his works.

On April 10th, “IU’s Palette” – Suga’s episode was uploaded on IU’s YouTube channel.

iu suga

BTS Suga, who is active under the name “Agust D”, appeared and talked about his collaboration with IU. Suga revealed the reason for his appearance on the show, “I got to collaborate with you again. ‘People Pt.2’ was supposed to be a B-side song, but featuring IU, I announced it as a pre-release track. I was wondering where to promote this. ‘IU’s Palette’ was the best!”

IU then showed off the two’s friendship by celebrating Suga’s birthday with a song and a cake. She added, “This is our second collaboration. We weren’t able to communicate a lot, but through ‘Eight’, I got to know a new friend the same age as me.”

iu suga

Suga drew attention by revealing his long-term relationship with IU, “I’ve known IU since I was 25 years old.” He recalled the time of working on “Eight”, “We came to think, ‘What if we work together since we’re the same age?’ That was how ‘Eight’ began. That was when COVID-19 just began to spread. ‘Things will get better next week’, that’s what we thought. But all official events got canceled. I was feeling so down then. We were supposed to go on a tour, and you offered to work together when I was so frustrated. I had a lot of fun working on it.”

iu suga

Meanwhile, IU and Suga said that they worked together again in their 30s through “People Pt.2”. Suga confessed, “Actually, I wrote this song 3 years ago. I had a lot of thoughts in my mind on relationships. Jungkook sang the guide for this song. I had Jungkook and IU on my mind ‘Who do I want to feature in this song?’ And I went with you!”

Suga praised IU, “I was a bit concerned since we’ve worked before. ‘Was it alright to do another collaboration?’, but I decided it would be great to work with IU once again. It was an excellent choice.” IU expressed surprise, “This is a new story.”

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