“School violence scandal” PD Ahn Gil Ho was removed from “The Glory” commentary video

“The Glory” PD Ahn Gil Ho, who was embroiled in controversy over school violence, was edited out of a recent commentary video.

On March 26th, the video “‘The Glory’ Part 2 Commentary” was uploaded on Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel. The commentary video, which features actors Park Sung Hoon, Jung Sung Il, Cha Joo Young, Kim Hieora, Kim Gun Woo, as well as writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Ahn Gil Ho, was shown to the public with most of PD Ahn’s scenes removed.

the glory

PD Ahn Gil Ho, wearing a black jumper and a hat, does not have any solo cuts left, so he can only be seen in group shots and one or two final cuts.

There were some of PD Ahn’s comments, but his appearance and name were not shown. Only his voice could be heard.

The commentary was recorded before “The Glory” Part 2 was released on March 10th, and it seems that the screentime of PD Ahn Gil Ho, who was later embroiled in controversy over school violence, was removed.

Previously, just before the release of “The Glory” Part 2, PD Ahn Gil Ho was accused of assaulting his girlfriend classmates while studying in the Philippines in 1996. At the time, the PD denied such allegations, saying, “It’s true that I studied in the Philippines for about a year, but I’ve never been involved in any physical conflicts with Korean students.”

However, he later admitted to the school violence controversy and apologized through his legal representative.

“Director Ahn Gil Ho had a girlfriend when he studied in the Philippines in 1996. Knowing that his girlfriend was teased at school because of him, he was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, causing him to hurt others and leave an unforgettable wound for them. We sincerely ask for forgiveness from people who were hurt due to this accident. If given an opportunity, the director would like to deliver his sincere apology in person or through a phone call”, the PD’s side stated.

On the other hand, “The Glory” revolves around a woman who puts an elaborate revenge scheme in motion to make the perpetrators pay for their crimes, years after surviving horrific abuse in high school. Since the release of Part 2 on March 10th, the series has been creating a syndrome by topping the global Netflix TV category for 2 consecutive weeks.

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