Korean actresses who amaze netizens with their glow-up: Son Ye Jin and Jeon Ji Hyun are not comparable to this beauty

The visuals of Korean actresses have always been hot topics.

Looking back on childhood photos of Korean stars, many of them, such as Son Ye Jin, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Park Min Young, surprise netizens with their splendid glow-up. 

Son Ye Jin was nicknamed “National First Love” during her debut days as the public was overwhelmed by her pure beauty.

Son Ye Jin-high-school

When the photos of Son Ye Jin’s school days were revealed, netizens once again confirmed that Son Ye Jin’s visual is natural. Whether in her teens or now, the actress has never hesitated to show her bare face in public. 

Son Ye Jin-high-school

Son Ye Jin’s childhood photos spread widely in online communities and SNS sites. In response, many people expressed their admiration for the refreshing and innocent beauty of Hyun Bin’s wife.

Even when she was still a student, Jeon Ji Hyun already boasted her unique aura that outstanding visual. Photos of Jeon Ji Hyun’s school days once became hot topics on the Internet. It is noticeable that her beauty has hardly changed over time.

Jun Jin Hyun

Park Min Young is one of the few celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery and yet are not affected by it. Until now, she has shown no signs of postoperative complications, but rather has become increasingly beautiful and charming.

Park Min Young
park min young

Seo Ye Ji‘s beauty has also caused a stir. Many people believe that she had to rely on plastic surgery to achieve her current appearance. However, it cannot be denied that Seo Ye Ji had a successful glow-up.

Seo Ye Ji
Seo Ye Ji

When it comes to impressive transformations in Kbiz, Kang So Ra cannot be forgotten. Unlike her debut days, Kang So Ra used to have a slightly overweight appearance with a round face. Thanks to her weight loss efforts, she now has an extremely sexy figure and straight, long legs.

Sources: k14

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