Song Ji Hyo’s Former Agency Postpones Settlement Payment Amidst Legal Dispute, Focused on Attracting Investment

A Uzurocks official said in a TV report on May 8th, “We are currently making efforts to attract investment. As the schedule was delayed during the process of receiving investment, we were unable to pay the settlement money on the date we had agreed upon. We informed Song Ji Hyo that we will pay after May 10th.


Earlier, Song Ji Hyo had notified Uzurocks of the termination of her exclusive contract and filed a lawsuit for unpaid income.

According to Sports Seoul on May 2nd, Uzurocks had promised to deposit the unpaid settlement money to Song Ji Hyo by May 1st, but failed to meet the payment deadline and changed their statement to “We will deposit it by May 4th.

Song Ji Hyo’s side stated that “it is like the situation when employees’ salaries are overdue” and that “postponements without a specific deadline have happened repeatedly. Eventually, we have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

song ji hyo

Recently, Uzurocks has been embroiled in allegations of salary arrears for employees and artists due to financial difficulties.

On April 5th, an Uzurocks official told WikiTree, “We paid all employees their February wages and resolved issues regarding four major insurances. We apologized to the employees who did not receive their salaries on time and promised to pay their March salaries on the scheduled date. We pay our entertainers quarterly, and actors such as Song Ji Hyo and broadcasters such as Ji Suk Jin will receive their payment without delay on the scheduled date, as they are aware of these facts.”

Source: wikitree

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