The price of ‘work looks’ worn and recommended by Kang Min Kyung, who is embroiled in an “underpaying” controversy

While Davichi Kang Min Kyung is controversial due to her recruitment announcement, netizens brought up her past Youtube content.

Kang Min Kyung recently posted on a recruitment website a hiring notice to recruit CS (Customer Service) managers and designers for the shopping mall she runs. However, according to the hiring notice, the CS job requires 3-7 years of experience for college graduates but offers a low annual salary of 25 million won. In addition, it was a 3-month CS contract.

kang min kyung

Some netizens raised controversy over underpaying, pointing out that the salary is too low for an experienced worker. However, Kang Min Kyung explained that the person in charge of writing the hiring notice made a mistake and that the offered annual salary is for new employees. 

kang min kyung

Despite her explanation, the controversy continues to intensify. In particular, Kang Min Kyung’s ‘work looks for a week’ content that she previously introduced on her Youtube channel was also re-examined. 

kang min kyung

In that video, Kang Min Kyung recommended expensive clothes as work looks. The prices of products she picked range from as little as hundreds of thousands of won to as much as 1 million won. 

kang min kyung

Combining all five daily looks introduced by Kang Min Kyung, the total price was up to 10 million won. This caused many people frustrated.

In response, netizens commented, “Unnie, your weekly ‘work looks’ recommendation is more expensive than the monthly salary”, “If you follow her and wear those clothes, you will soon be in debt”, etc.

kang min kyung

Source: Insight

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