(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Unveils New Charms as a Producer

Cube Entertainment released a new ‘I-LOG’ video of (G)I-DLE on their official YouTube channel on February 19th. It contains Minnie’s track-making process.

In the video, Minnie revealed the making process of ‘7 Days’ and ‘Vision’, included in (G)I-DLE’s second full album ‘2’ in which she directly participated in songwriting and composition. 

(G)I-DLE Minnie

On the day of the guide recording for ‘7 Days,’ Minnie captured attention with her professional appearance, revealing a different charm from her usual lovely looks.

Minnie took on rapping for the first time through the making process of ‘Vision.’ She gradually filled the song with melodies, delivering a sweet tone with just humming.

Minnie also unveiled various versions of rap recorded for fans, showcasing her singer-songwriter style and relentless passion as a producer. Minnie has been demonstrating a wide range of musical spectrum. 

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE is currently holding a pop-up store event to celebrate the release of their second full album ‘2.’ It will sequentially open in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Source: dispatch

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