2NE1’s “Missing You”: “Park Bom and Sandara Park cried for hours after recording this song”

Ten years ago, the tearful song “Missing You” by girl group 2NE1 (Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, Gong Minzy) stimulated lonely winter sensibility

Released on November 21th, 2013, the digital single “Missing You” is a song expressing the longing for a past love.

“Missing You” is known as a song that brought tears to 2NE1. The recording process was significantly affected because the members cried a lot.

Through a YouTube channel, Sandara Park confessed, “I did wonder ‘Is this the last time?’ when we were recording ‘Missing You’. The lyrics conveyed a breakup atmosphere. Park Bom and I cried for hours in the recording studio after we recorded this song until our eyes got swollen.”

“Missing You” also reflects 2NE1’s concerns. Sandara Park shared, “We released single albums with the songs ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘Do You Love Me’ before the release of ‘Missing You’. The company said 2NE1 is over now. We were always no.1, but now we were on no.10. We were sad. Fans and the agency were sad too. (Yang Hyun-suk) said ‘This album isn’t going to work, let’s stop promoting now’.


Despite concerns, “Missing You” received a great response from the moment of its release. It resonated with those feeling emptier in the colder weather, and it provided poignant emotions for those reminiscing about past love. The song, filled with heartbreaking separation and lonely sensibility, garnered listeners’ sympathy.

As a result, “Missing You” swept the domestic major music charts, including Melon, Genie, Bugs and Olleh Music, within an hour of its release. Its popularity continued steadily, and “Missing You” topped the Melon Weekly Chart in the fourth week of November 2013 (November 25th ~ December 1st).

Through “Missing You”, 2NE1 showcased a new charm. Since their debut, 2NE1 captivated the public with addictive music and bold fashion. However, with “Missing You”, they proved their wide musical spectrum by displaying captivating vocals and poignant emotional expressions.

Source: Naver

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