Lee Young Ji asks Waterbomb audience to tell aespa members to remove contact lenses during performance

Rapper Lee Young Ji drew admiration with her consideration towards aespa members.

On June 25th, Lee Young Ji performed at the Waterbomb festival. During her small talk before leaving the stage, Lee Young Ji mentioned aespa, another performer on the festival lineup. 

Earlier during the performance, Lee Young Ji’s contact lens suddenly dropped due to water that kept splashing in her face.


Therefore, during her ending talk before leaving the stage, the female rapper told the audience, “Everyone, if aespa comes, please tell the members to remove their contact lenses or do not take off their protective glasses. Please shout it out loud to remind them for me.”

She added, “I can’t see anything with my left eye at the moment. So please promise me that you will remind aespa of what I said”.

Lee Young Ji’s action receives compliments from aespa fans because member NingNing actually has a problem with her eyesight. 

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