aespa looks so different in the debut era: Giselle looks so strange but Karina is the most difficult to recognize

A photo of aespa back in their debut time surprised people because they all looked totally different from now.

After more than a year of debut, aespa has made great strides in terms of achievements, status and appearance. Many people think that aespa is becoming more and more beautiful, attractive and proving themselves as a high-class girl group from SM

Recently, a topic about aespa attracted great attention on Pann. Korean netizens posted a photo of aespa in their debut time and thought that all 4 members’ visuals were worlds apart from the present. Even Karina looks so different that no one realizes that she is the “AI goddess” with a “surreal” visual that has caused heat in Kpop recently.

aespa’s photo that stirs up the public recently

In fact, this is the image of aespa in the debut MV “Black Mamba” released in November 2020. The reason why fans feel “strange” is because the members’ makeup and hairstyle in this photo are different from other scenes of the MV. In the photo, Giselle was chosen as the most beautiful member of the group. Winter or NingNing also look quite “wrong” with heavy makeup and a chubbier face than now.

In particular, Karina is unrecognizable because she looks just like another person with her eyebrows being the most different detail. It may be that the “Black Mamba” MV was filmed for a long period of time, which leads to the difference in the recording sets. In most scenes of Karina in the debut MV, she doesn’t look much different from now. But this style alone is confusing. The high eyebrows make Karina look less graceful, elegant, old and somehow ferocious.

Karina looks very different in most scenes of the debut MV.
She hasn’t really shown her best visuals because the style doesn’t match her well.

Some comments:

  • Giselle was prettier those days than she is now. Karina is so different.
  • Karina’s eyebrows are so weird.
  • Looking back, this concept is really bad.
  • Except for NingNing, the other 3 members look so different. That’s why it’s so important to find your best appearance.
  • They look like an Indonesian girl group.
  • aespa’s debut MV was filmed for a long time. These are definitely pictures taken long before aespa’s debut.

Looking back at aespa’s debut image, I can see how professional SM is when giving the members an impressive makeover. Most recently during the promotion of the remake song “Dreams Come True”, aespa amazes the audience with their “fairy” glittering styles. Winter, Giselle, NingNing or Karina all exude the aura of true princesses. Their increasing beauty is one of the factors that help aespa conquer the hearts of the audience.

aespa in the “Black Mamba” era 
aespa’s latest concept in “Dreams Come True” is truly on a “next level”!
And Winter have received positive feedbacks on their visuals lately.
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