Dawn still loves ex-lover HyunA? “Couple photos” still left on SNS

HyunA and Dawn shared their entire journey of dating and breaking up through SNS, revealing the aspects of a new “idol couple”.

However, about a year after news of their separation, in the early morning of January 19th, both HyunA and Yong Jun-hyung posted pictures through their respective SNS, hinting at a romantic relationship. The photos depicted the two holding hands side by side, accompanied by the caption “Please look upon us kindly“, and they tagged each other’s accounts.

dawn hyuna

In the midst of this, attention is once again drawn to Dawn’s past remarks.

In 2019, when former couple Dawn and HyunA appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star”, Dawn mentioned that he and HyunA decided to not delete their photos together on SNS.

Breaking up, getting back together, and parting ways again are natural occurrences, and we see them as memories”, the male singer shared.

True to the promise, Dawn still hasn’t deleted their romantic photos. On Dawn’s SNS account, you can find daring displays of affection, including kissing and embracing photos, as well as the attention-grabbing footage of the proposal ring that was once a huge topic of discussion. Everyday pictures taken of each other also remain, giving the impression of a full-fledged “lovestagram”.

dawn hyuna

On top of this, Dawn has openly expressed that he truly loved HyunA a lot even after their breakup, and he fondly mentioned that he might still harbor feelings for her.

Meanwhile, HyunA has also kept some of the photos taken with Dawn.

On the other hand, the dating rumors between HyunA and Yong Jun-hyung have been met with mixed reactions. While some fans sent congratulatory messages, others criticized Yong Jun-hyung for his past admission of watching illegal videos sent by “Burning Sun” Jung Joon-young.

It is also speculated that the SNS posts of the two might be a noise marketing strategy to promote new music, but nothing has been confirmed yet, adding to the curiosity surrounding the situation.

Source: Nate

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