Kim Min Jae’s reaction to So Joo Yeon, who openly asked for a “kiss” at the hospital (Dr. Romantic 3)

So Joo Yeon and Kim Min Jae, an official couple of “Dr. Romantic”, caused viewers’ excitement with their unchanging lovey dovey love line.

In the May 5th broadcast of SBS’ drama “Dr. Romantic 3”, people of Doldam Hospital had a mental breakdown due to Kim Sa-bu, who made a nuclear bomb remark.

Park Eun Tak (Kim Min Jae) expressed complicated feelings with the explosive remark that Kim Sa-bu (Han Suk Kyu) would not participate in the trauma center.


Seeing Eun Tak in agony alone, Yoon Ah Reum (So Joo Yeon) approached him and gave him comforting words.

Ah Reum asked, “I heard that Kim Sa-bu detonated a nuclear bomb today. Hospital members are having a mental breakdown. Are you okay, Eun Tak?

Eun Tak replied, “I’m having a mental breakdown, too. But after hearing Kim Sa-bu’s explanation, I understand why he did it.


Eun Tak then asked Ah Reum, who went to a remote area for volunteer work, “How about jet lag?” Ah Reum said, “I completely adjusted in 2 days.

Afterwards, Eun Tak received a gift from Ah Reum. He straightforwardly said, “I missed you. Although we were far apart for only a week.

Ah Reum pursed her lips and complained, “How could you never text me?

To Ah Reum’s sudden action, Eun Tak replied “We’re in hospital, Ah Reum” and hurriedly left his seat.


Ah Reum, who was left alone, was disappointed, saying, “You didn’t really miss me.” Hearing this, Eun Tak came back, grabbed Ah Reum’s hand and dragged her to another place.

Just looking at the two’s back view, viewers smiled happily and responded that they were lovely.

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