Kai’s backup dancer, NO:ZE reacted intensely when people called her “pretty dancer” and ignored her talent

Being told that her appearance outshined her talents, NO:ZE left an intense comment.

On August 24, the first episode of Mnet’s show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was aired. 8 dance crews met for the first time and their fierce competition began.

Among the competitors in the show, one dancer has drawn great attention from the moment she appeared. It was NO:ZE from team “WAYBE”

When NO:ZE was a backup dancer for Kai (EXO), she already attracted the audiences with her beauty. She also performed several times with SHINee and Taemin. NO:ZE has become a famous dancer whose SNS is being followed by more than 600,000 people.

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Knowing that she’s a hot dancer, many people had to keep their eyes on her. Even when she had not appeared yet, other dancers already seemed to underestimate her.

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Most of their comments were about her visual. They called her “pretty dancer”.

NO ZE street fight women 2390820288203
NO ZE street fight women 9090303084204
NO ZE street fight women 238092803823
NO ZE street fight women 209382083083

Members from other crews gave her harsh criticisms: “Things go well when you have a pretty face like that. Great. Her visual is really the best”, “I don’t know whether she has choreography style or hip-hop style”, “It if hadn’t been for her visual, would her become a famous dancer?”

NO ZE street fight women 2930920930230

Watching the evaluation video, NO:ZE expressed her annoyance; she replied with a swear, “Wooh, that’s XX crazy”

NO ZE street fight women 238283082083

A member from another crew immediately provoked her by asking, “NO:ZE, are you okay?” and NO:ZE replied, “I’m OKAY! Yeah!”

NO:ZE commented, “This show is interesting” and dancer LeeSu cheered her up by saying, “Show us what you got. Pretty Dancer? Show us!”

Because of the intense atmosphere from the first episode, viewers are expecting much more fierce competition throughout the show.

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