K-netizens comment on fans’ reactions to ex-NMIXX Jinni’s TikTok activities

Fans express disappointment in former NMIXX member Jinni for focusing on TikTok activities.

A netizen on Nate Pann recently collected comments on the TikTok account of former NMIXX member Jinni.

The screenshots show comments from foreigners, such as “My bias in yolo house” (‘yoho house’ is a meme referring to a foreign TikTok crew that often films cheesy videos), “Can u do Roller Coaster by NMIXX?”, “Jinni debuted as a tiktoker”, “Idk but did she really left NMIXX because of this or she got kicked out?”, “Girl you better be making music”, etc. 

Original post: Nate Pann

Other netizens reacted: 

– So she left the group and is doing TikTok… Fans cheered for Jinni thinking she wanted to go solo or do other concepts. I feel bad for them

– I think Jinni should prepare a solo song and make a re-debut even if it takes time rather than selling her image like this… That’s how she should do to get rid of the “ex-NMIXX” image

– Whether she becomes an actress or debuts as a soloist, just hurry up…

– Jinni is really pretty and should become an actress. Why are you only filming TikTok videos?

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