The way JYP promotes the new girl group: selling albums even without revealing the official lineup!

If it were you, would you trust JYP and buy their upcoming girl group’s album?

One of the new Kpop girl group projects that are receiving attention right now surprisingly includes the presence of JYP Entertainment.  Although TWICE is indeed preparing for the time to renew the contract, ITZY has only debuted in 2019, so few people would have thought that JYP would be in such a hurry to debut a new girl group.  And what’s more, the way JYP promotes this rookie girl group is also very unique.

The first time JYP teased about the company’s new girl group was on July 8.  At that time, the company opened a new social media account called ‘JYPn’, and also posted a mysterious teaser video on the official Youtube channel.  The words appearing in the teaser also aroused viewers’ curiosity: ‘Not an ordinary package.  It’s extraordinary!’

This teaser is the first signal for the debut of a new girl group in 2022, marking JYP’s first new girl group since ITZY debuted three years ago.  Many people are eagerly waiting to see if the new group can follow the success of legendary JYP girl groups, including Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY.

Then on July 9, Twitter account ‘JYPn’ continued to post a new promotional poster.  Once again Kpop fans see the appearance of the phrase ‘BLIND PACKAGE’, below is the time showing the opening date ‘From July 16, 2021, to July 25, 2021’.  However, according to published information, JYP’s new girl group will debut in 2022. So does the company really have a “unique” and even shocking way of promoting?

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Let’s first take a look at the phrase ‘BLIND PACKAGE’.  It means that the buyer will spend money to buy a package without even knowing the contents inside.  Exactly!  According to information, ‘BLIND PACKAGE’ of JYP’s new girl group will include full content like a normal album, such as CD, photobook, poster and postcard.

However, it will not be until half a year later that this girl group will officially debut.  The sale will only last for 9 days (July 16 to July 25), and after that there will not be any additional products for this album.  This indicates that JYP has high hopes for their new girl group. They’re selling ‘BLIND PACKAGE’ even though no one knows who the group’s members are, what their style or song will be.

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This unique way of promoting shows that JYP is proud and confident that they have never failed to debut girl groups.  And this has made many people both surprised and impressed.  In fact, because this special album is only available for 9 days, it will be very difficult for fans of the group to buy their first album in the future if they miss this opportunity. And if buying, many people will feel like they don’t know what they are spending money on.

On Korean online forums, the way to promote JYP’s upcoming girl group is causing a stir among Knets.  Many people find it very interesting. Meanwhile, there are still comments saying ‘JYP is crazy’.  Many people continue to claim that the company is too hasty to announce a new group when TWICE’s future is still unclear, and ITZY has not really had a sustainable foothold in the Kpop industry. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • No… We need to know who they are… What is this???
  • No group name..??
  • Honestly, I’m curious and want to buy an album
  • I don’t really care about quality, but a new girl group? ITZY is still a rookie group for me
  • This is weird, most of the albums are bought by fans who love the singers, but they are selling albums without revealing who the singers are.
  • Wow JYP’s new girl group?? But I don’t even know any of the members
  • Well, you’re demanding money from fans without telling them anythingㅋㅋ This type of marketing is disgusting
  • I’m looking forward to it, but I hope there are no Chinese and Japanese members
  •  Is the group name ‘Blind Package’? They are not telling me anything and they are selling it as a Blind Package…?
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