Sandara Park “I have severe fear of flying” The cause is?

Singer Sandara Park confessed to having a fear of flying

Sandara Park and Solbi appeared as guests on the Dec 8th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”.

When Sandara Park mentioned that she recently went on a business trip to Taiwan, DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Do you have a fear of flying?” Sandara Park replied, “I’ve had a fear of flying since I was a child. There were so many overseas schedules that at one point, among flight attendants, it was well-known that ‘When Sandara Park is on board, she needs special care’. I’d cry if it shook, and I couldn’t even eat.” She continued, “They held my hand and gave me a doll. Like soothing a baby, they gave me a doll and even cooked instant noodles for me. Sometimes, the plane captain came out to explain. They said, ‘There’s no safety problem in shaking.’

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Sandara Park shared, “I found out the cause later. After counseling with Dr. Oh Eun-young, I learned that it is because the plane leaves for another country. It’s a welcoming thing, but it also means parting. It was due to the fear of leaving my beloved family and relatives when I immigrated to the Philippines at a young age. Now, I’ve overcome it a lot.”

Solbi said, “I love taking flights. I enjoy it from the moment I go to the airport. Many ideas come to me while on a plane. It feels like being in a private space.”

Special DJ Bbaek Ga confessed, “I find it difficult to endure long flights. When traveling long distances for over 10 hours, I don’t sleep the night before. I fall asleep when departing and wake up when arriving. It feels so good.” Sandara Park empathized, “I’ve used that method a lot too.”

Source: Daum

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