Has (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua, who is on hiatus, recovered her health? Department store shopping sightings

There was an eyewitness report that (G)I-DLE's Shuhua, who had suspended activities due to health issues, enjoyed shopping at a department store

On March 2nd, local media such as ETtoday reported that Shuhua was spotted at a department store in Xinyi District, Taiwan.

In addition, there were eyewitness accounts of Shuhua boarding a flight to Taiwan with her manager, and comments about her being very beautiful in person.

(g)i-dle shuhua

(G)I-DLE, to which Shuhua belongs, released their full album “2” on January 29th, and embarked on comeback activities with the title track “Super Lady”.

However, Shuhua declared a suspension of activities on February 8th, just a week after the comeback.

Her agency Cube Entertainment stated, “Recently, due to ongoing symptoms of dizziness caused by poor condition, she visited the hospital and received medical advice that she needs sufficient rest and stability. In order for the artist to focus on stability and treatment and concentrate on recovering her health, we have decided to suspend all her schedules for the time being.

Although there is no specific plan for Shuhua’s return, her recent appearance, showing much improved health, is warmly welcomed by fans.

Source: daum

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