The reason why “cheating rumors” are being mentioned after Jung Eun-chae and Kim Chung-jae admit to dating

Actress Jung Eun-chae and designer Kim Chung-jae confirmed their romantic relationship, but now Jung Eun-chae's past cheating rumors are resurfacing

On March 21st, Jung Eun-chae’s agency PROJECT HOSOO stated, “It is true that Jung Eun-chae is in a relationship with Kim Chung-jae. They are at a stage of getting to know each other positively with good feelings.”

However, they refrained from confirming details about their relationship, citing it as the actress’s private life.

Jung Eun Chae

Both Jung Eun-chae and Kim Chung-jae were born in 1986. Since confirming their relationship, attention has been drawn to their lovestagram.

Last July, Jung Eun-chae posted a video on her Instagram of herself making a gift for actress Jeong In-ji. The workspace seen in the video was recognized to be Kim Chung-jae’s studio, easily found on his Instagram.

In particular, the two openly expressed their affection by liking each other’s posts and sharing photos of themselves with acquaintances through SNS. However, after confirming their relationship, there is more concern expressed rather than congratulatory messages.

This is because Jung Eun-chae was previously embroiled in cheating rumors in 2020. According to reports at the time, Jung Eun-chae was often seen at singer Jeong Joon-il’s concerts, so fans thought that Jung Eun-chae was Jeong Joon-il’s girlfriend.

However, Jeong Joon-il was already a married man, and when this fact was exposed in a fan cafe post, controversy arose.

Jung Eun-chae’s side explained, “This issue is a purely personal matter from 10 years ago that has already been resolved. Both parties involved have not raised any issues regarding this matter at present. Suddenly being reported distortedly like the current incident is causing misunderstanding.” They clarified that Jung Eun-chae did not know Jeong Joon-il was married.

On the other hand, Jeong Joon-il’s side stated “Jeong Joon-il has never hidden the fact that he is married“, expressing regret that the incident from 10 years ago was reported with additional false information.

Afterward, since neither party provided further statements, the cheating suspicions were put to rest.

In 2013, Jung Eun-chae was also involved in cheating rumors with Japanese actor Kase Ryo. At the time, Kase Ryo was already living with model-actress Ichikawa Mikako for 5 years. Regarding this, Jung Eun-chae’s side explained it as “baseless rumors“.

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