NCT new unit will not have 6 members? “NCT Universe: LASTART” to confirm official debut lineup in last broadcast

“NCT Universe: LASTART” is finally coming to an end and the last NCT unit members will be revealed

The final journey of the trainees who are competing to debut as NCT’s new unit will be disclosed on the last broadcast of “NCT Universe: LASTART”, scheduled to air on September 7th.

In particular, SMROOKIES members Sion & Yushi and 11 trainees are divided into two teams to perform “90’s Love” and “BOSS” by NCT U.

NCT new unit will not have 6 members

“90’s Love” and “BOSS” teams prepare for the stage with the instructions of NCT Ten and Taeyong, respectively. With the cold advice, “It’s going to be a little more stressful. Try pushing yourself to the limit”, the trainees immerse themselves in the practices for their final stage.

NCT new unit will not have 6 members

Despite working hard under the advice of NCT members, both teams still make mistakes, such as singing out of tune and missing the beats, in the final rehearsal. Jungmin, the main vocalist of “BOSS” team, shares, “I can’t control my voice the way I want”, and even sheds tears. Attention is focused on whether he will be able to complete the stage safely.

NCT new unit will not have 6 members

Watching the performances of the two teams, the artist directors give mixed evaluations, such as “You just keep getting pushed behind”, “I can see that you’re very confident”, etc. NCT Johnny comments, “I think your face is very attractive. I keep looking at you”, making fans curious about the trainee he compliments.

NCT new unit will not have 6 members

The last broadcast will announce the change in the number of selected members and confirm the pre-debut lineup. Viewers are looking forward to the final number of members for NCT’s new unit, which was originally said to have 6 members including SMROOKIES Sion and Yushi. 

The final episode of “NCT Universe: LASTART” will be available on TVINg and ENA channels in Korea, Hulu and NipponTV in Japan, and KOCOWA+ (wavve Americas) in North America and South America on the 7th.

Source: Daum

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