Bang Si-hyuk and Park Jin-young’s Astounding Wealth Upsets Brian

Brian expressed dismay at the estimated fortunes of HYBE founder Bang Si-hyuk and JYP founder Park Jin-young

On November 28th, episode 7 of YouTube content “Clean Freak Brian” was published on the YouTube channel ‘M-dromeda Studio.’

In the video, Brian was shown taking a break during cleaning after a home party and saying, “The words of Cho Brothers seem right. I clean so much that I can’t climb the Billboard charts.” 

He then lamented, “I recently watched the broadcast with brother Jin-young (Park Jin-young) and Bang Si-hyuk. Listening to the talk about their wealth, I thought, ‘I really struggle while living.'”

Meanwhile, on the November 1st episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” Bang Si-hyuk and Park Jin-young, who are the founders of HYBE and JYP, respectively, made an appearance. Here, the two’s estimated fortunes mentioned by Forbes became a hot topic. 

At that time, Jo Se-ho revealed that Forbes estimates Bang Si-hyuk’s fortune to be 2.9 billion USD, and mentioned that Park Jin-young has around 521.8 billion won (404 million USD), causing surprise.

On the other hand, Brian mentioned how he had little left from his appearance fee after paying his manager and taxes, and jokingly portrayed himself drinking suddenly due to frustration over the situation.

Source: Nate

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